Honestly Prenatal

Last summer, I read Mindy Kaling’s hilarious book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? 

In this book, she mentions that her hairdresser gave her Trader Joe’s Prenatal vitamins to help with her hair, nails and skin. She discusses this accidental blessing on her blog also. She says that they made her  “hair grow faster, thicker” and kept her “skin glow-y and smooth.”

Before reading Mindy’s stories, I had heard that some girls take prenatals for this very reason. I figured I’d give it a try. So I went to my neighborhood Trader Joe’s, tasted wine and got my prenatal vitamin on.

I most certainly freaked a TJ’s cashier out when I waltzed up to the register with two bottles of vino, cheese and…a bottle of prenatals. I don’t even want to know what that poor cashier thought of me in that moment!! I wanted to shout, “I promise I’m a responsible adult!” But, like many a girl I know, I’ll try anything once to see if it works.

And so, I went home, drank my wine, ate my cheese and contemplated my first morning prenatal dose (the next morning, to be clear, I wasn’t drinking wine & eating cheese in the am…at least not that morning). :)

So I took the ‘nates (as I like to call ’em, we’re tight) and after months I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference in my hair, nails or skin. It did make me take a vitamin daily though, which is amazing for me. So maybe that’s worth it? Anywho, I stopped taking the prenatals simply because I didn’t go buy more.

Where’s this story going? Well you see, I received an email from the awesome Honest Company, which I talked about here, introducing their new Health and Wellness line. It includes a prenatal. I already buy other things from Honest that I love, so I thought to myself, score, I can start buying the prenatals again through them, I love them.

^^^if you are actually in the market for a prenatal, check out the Honest Co.^^^

This made me think of Mindy.

Now I love me some Mindy. She’s arguably one of my faves at the moment. But I thought to myself, well, she does it…but is it actually safe to do?

So true to me, I did a little bit of digging. Call me the research queen, I can’t get enough. And here’s what I found about taking prenatals when not actually trying to, you know, get pregnant.

  • Some, not all, prenatals contain biotin (the thing that makes the hairs and nails all glow-y and shit)…so check before you buy.
  • Prenatals have more iron, folic acid, calcium and less vitamin A than regular multi-vites.
  • Some women who are anemic, which can cause hair loss, may benefit from taking prenatals.
  • Unless you’re trying to conceive, are pregnant or nursing, too much iron in your system can be dangerous, according to the Mayo Clinic warns that unless you’re trying to get pregnant or are pregnant or nursing, you shouldn’t take prenatal vitamins, because too much iron in your system can be dangerous. What kind of danger? Damage to heart and liver, even arthritis (from iron deposits settling in your joints).


  • Biotin supplements are a good idea for women who want hair and nails that shine.
  • Before you take the ‘nates, check with a doctor, and don’t go by everything Mindy says.
  • Eat some biotin-rich foods: liver, cauliflower, salmon, carrots, bananas, soy flour, cereals, and yeast (umm…sign me up for a yummy concoction of liver & yeast cereal!)

Check out more info on this topic over here.

For now, the Honest prenatal is on the back burner until I actually need it and I’ll stick with a regular multi, my Honest products and my fave Mindyisms:

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