Friday Fun

Happy Friday Memorial Day Weekend!!

I love long weekends. But I love them more when the weather is forecasted to be nice. This weekend is supposed to s-u-c-k up in Boston. That’s why I’m headed to New Paltz, NY. Chances of weather being better? Slight…but you never know.

What do I want to do this weekend? Well, after a four-day party fest, and this work week spent catching up on sleep/recovering…I want to…

1. Test out my new app, Sleep Cycle:

^^^my co-worker told me allll about it and I’m super excited to test it out.^^^

2. BBQ! I don’t know if the weather will allow it, but I’m dying to cook and drink outside with the fam:

^^^maybe try this recipe?^^^

3. If it is rainy, go see a flick:

^^^Star Trek Into Darkness, Hangover III (not heard good things though…), Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6 (I remember when F&F 1 came out…I’m old…)^^^

4. Dream about being back by the ocea:

5. Work on incorporating these foreign words into my every day convos, here’s an example of my fave:

Kummerspeck (German)

Means: Excess weight gained from emotional overeating.

Kummerspeck” translates to “grief bacon,” a word that finally acknowledges that when we are under a crushing weight of sadness or stress, many of us skip alcohol and narcotics in favor of delicious fried meats.

Oh yea, and I’m going to be getting my marriage license!!! That shit cray. :) How will you spend your long weekend? However you do, enjoy it!

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