Amp It Up.

Lately, I’ve been focusing my thoughts and energy on wedding-related things. Eating better due to wedding, working out more due to wedding, organizing, creating and writing to-do lists that are all about the wedding. We’re 86 days away from tying the knot and I know the days will only get more hectic the closer we get {plus, summertime/end of the school year is a naturally busy time anyway}.

On the interwebs, I discovered two wedding-related things that I didn’t know I needed until I saw them. Both are amped up versions of things I’m already doing at the wedding, but I think they would both be welcome. Knowing me and my untogether ways, one, both or neither of these things will get done. It’s russian roulette really…minus the gun and death.

^^^we’re having a bonfire with smores-making at the end of the wedding as a low key wrap up, maybe i should also have this amazing s’mores cake?!? or maybe i should make it for fun…as a splurge…because I’ve been being decently good lately^^^

^^^i die.^^^

I have a lot of signs and what-not going on at the wedding too…but how amazing is this?! I’m seriously considering making this:

^^^how cute would this marquee board be with our names or a little love quote or something silly?^^^

As always, both of these are probably way harder to make than they look. Booo, but I love the inspiration!

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